The data center is often described as the heart of an organization, housing mission-critical applications and services without which a business cannot function. In recent years, the demands for data center have increased exponentially. The modern data center now needs to be agile enough to rapidly respond to changes, while ensuring that data and applications are always available to enable businesses to provide improved customer services and even greater business intelligence. Magnaxia Information Technology LLC aims at helping your organization to design and implement Datacenters that cater to the internal and external clients. Our approach is to start every engagement by understanding and defining the project requirements for the Datacenter and identifying the business objectives. We understand that the success for any Datacenter is defined by the Availability and Security. Our design team works on cost–effective, energy saving and agile designs, which can provide seamless availability of the services provided. We also provide Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions for the critical business processes/applications or Datacenter.

Space Preparation

Let us design your data center room efficiently to minimize wasted power. Proper data center facility design will minimize power and cooling waste, and reclaim that power to be used more productively, which we aim to achieve.

Raised Flooring

We recommend a raised floor because it provides space for the massive amounts of cable required in a Data Center, and can simplify the process of adding and moving equipment.

Cooling Systems

The key factors in any data center include the temperature and the amount of water in the air. Too much of either can result in losses for an organization. Valuable equipment such as servers and storage must be maintained in precise conditions.

The equipment we install ensures that air temperature and humidity levels are kept to manufacturer's specifications. All electrical equipment produces thermal energy, and the accumulated heat load produced by data processing equipment can be significant. Air conditioning is normally required to maintain the environment within these limits. A closely controlled environment produces good working conditions to the benefit of both machines and operating staff. We also offer data center cabinets with their own built-in cooling systems.


Racks have become a critical part of the infrastructure from large data centers to small IT departments. Companies are beginning to think more strategically about their racking needs as they try to optimize their space and efficiency. Hence, We provide top of the range racks for all kinds of Servers.

Fire Suppression System

We supply fire suppression systems that are equipped with specialized FM200 gas. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, FM200 poses no risk to human health and no significant reduction in oxygen levels. FM200 gas is effective within 10 seconds of discharge so that fires are rapidly extinguished before they spread.

Access Control

Magnaxia Information Technology LLC provides state-of-the-art access control systems where programmed cards are controlled from a central location producing reports of personnel movement at all times. Our offering also includes time attendance including biometric finger print systems that have been installed in organizations across the UAE.

  • The following access control systems are available;
  • Convenient entry keypads (code access)
  • Biometric solutions (voice/facial recognition and fingerprint verification)
  • Intercom Communication (audible verification with remote door release)
  • Time & Attendance system
  • Standalone/ PC based access control system
  • IP based Audio Video door entry system
  • Proximity readers

Cable Containment

The amount of energy used to maintain acceptable temperatures in the data center can be greatly reduced by containment. Data center containment is the separation of cold supply airflow from hot air coming out of equipment exhaust. By separating the air, you are able to save revenue by reducing your energy consumption, and improve overall equipment performance and efficiency.

Datacenter Cabling Solution

Data, voice and video networks are the lifeblood of any organization. At Atom Options computer LLC, we believe a network is only as good as the infrastructure it’s built on. Whether you are building, relocating or upgrading, structured cabling is the foundation for the growth of your company. We can provide the latest system to address the changing needs of your computer network.

Datacenter Security

Your data center is critical to the success of your business. Our Secure Data Center solution gives your company an integrated protection and dynamic, intelligent control to defend against today’s sophisticated attacks. We offer a range of analog and IP CCTV systems. Our security experts can assist you with designing an entire surveillance system of application. We are providing a complete end to end video surveillance solution with state of art advanced technology, unique distributed and central architecture and advanced compression standard based storage / recording solutions so you can have confidence that your project will roll out smoothly, with optimum performance and stability.

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) Systems

In any critical infrastructure, the need to maintain operation of equipment is paramount to avoid data loss, business interruption and other consequences. Typically, we install UPS systems in most data center facilities to ensure a continuous supply of power irrespective of the availability of utility power. Atom Options computer LLC provides wide range of UPS systems start from 300VA through to 300KVA. We are one of very few suppliers in the UAE who can provide high-phase UPS systems for large enterprises, having a team of highly qualified engineers available for installation and maintenance.

Environmental Monitoring System

We provide environment monitoring systems for server rooms to monitor different factors inside the environment of server room such as temperature, humidity, smoke, water leakage, power failure etc.

Among the numerous parameters, some of the most important functions of a data center monitoring alert system are as follows:

  • Smoke: Smoke monitoring is a very important part of a server room monitoring
  • The temperature of the room: The temperature in the server room generally tends to
       be on the higher side due to the heat production of the servers in the room.
  • The temperature of each panel and server racks: It is possible that one particular
      rack is getting overheated.
  • Humidity: Electronic items can easily get damaged due to high humidity in the
      environment if they are exposed to high humidity for a long time.
  • Power failure: Power failure can stop very important operations running in
      a server room.
  • Water leakage: Water leakage in the server room can be a serious problem.

Partners we work with for datacenter solutions

We have implemented, for various customers around the UAE, solutions of the brands below: