Networks are the core of today’s modern communication. A fast, dependable and secure network is what organizations leverage enabling them to drive business operations efficiently. Indirectly, organizational productivity and effectiveness depends on the underlying network that has been deployed in the organization. Overall the features offered by networks including scalability, security and high availability enable organization user’s access business services anywhere and anytime. Magnaxia Information Technology LLC Network Integration solutions and services team understands the recent business developments and organizational needs, based on which we custom design networks to meet the organization's needs and ensure that they are at par with today’s industry standards.

Solutions Portfolio

Magnaxia Information Technology LLC offers consultancy, design, and implementation and support services for companies to achieve your business continuity. Below are few of the Networking Solutions we offer.

Data Center Networks

Data Center Network (DCN) is essentially the heart of any data center. It acts as the link between all the components of the data center resources. Besides the need to be efficient, DCNs also need to be scalable and agile to connect hundreds or even thousands of servers to handle the growing demands of computing. With loads of experience implementing different scales of data center networks, we can help enterprises achieve optimum performance. Magnaxia Information Technology LLC provides capabilities to design and implement enterprise core networks for LAN, Data Centers.

Campus Area Network

Campus Area Network (CAN) is a term that is usually used to define a computer network that connects several buildings and majorly comprises of two or more local area networks within a specific geographical area. Usually Campus Area Networks can be found at enterprise campuses, educational institute campuses, office buildings, industrial complexes, military bases and other similar campus areas. Magnaxia Information Technology LLC helps design and implement large campus network on architecture that spans multiple tiers of network devices that helps to ensure highly available, scalable and secure network.

Wireless and Mobility

Wireless networking (commonly known as WiFi connectivity) is a term used to describe the technique leveraged by homes, enterprises and telecom companies to avert costs and complexities associated with introduction of cables to a building, or as a medium of connectivity between several device locations. Magnaxia Information Technology LLC helps design (Heat map Surveys), deploying secure wireless network for data and voice traffic that seamlessly integrates with core network enabling mobility to users. Basically wireless networks can be implemented in 3 ways:


The standalone access point works by itself and we configure it internally and then put it on your network. It’s pretty straightforward but if our customers need to deploy many access points it can get unruly. You could configure the same SSID on multiple AP’s but without a cohesive solution usually customers run into issues. Hence we take extra care with these devices.

Cloud based

Centralized management, eliminates on-site hardware controller

Controller based

The controller is what manages all the access points. The controller is where the configuration is done and it pushes that configuration down to it’s access points that it manages. Doing this you can roam from AP to AP without losing connection. This is great if you have a wireless connection that you don’t want to drop.

Network Management

Network management is the term used to describe a set of activities that are required to be performed for managing any computer network. Magnaxia Information Technology LLC works with its partners in creating a platform for monitoring the performance of a network and managing the network from a central configuration.

Partners we work with to provide Information Security Solutions: