Compute power and control. Resource agility across your infrastructure. Ready to converge and ready for the cloud. Dramatically maximize your enterprise environment by leveraging your existing infrastructure and adapting to your growing data server and storage needs. Do not let server sprawl and platform dependencies mark your business goals. Every business organization has its own data, applications, services and information requirements that need to be managed. The organization can choose to get them managed inside or outside the network. Magnaxia Information Technology LLC has designed different types of hardware independent solutions that can meet customers’ business requirements. They can have their services hosted in an environment with highly secure permissions. Customers can also get these services managed centrally in a fully permission-able environment.

There is a plenty of server solutions, and only a professional is able to choose the right server that corresponds to your needs in memory capacity, processing speed and power alongside with budget requirements. Magnaxia Information Technology LLC is an experienced server provider in UAE that offers highly efficient server solutions for small business and big companies in numerous commercial areas. We introduce Customers to the innovative IT-technologies that helps to speed up data exchange processes, secure business operation from numerous breakages and attacks from the outside and provide smooth data exchange between internal and external nodes. For an organization that needs to run mission critical applications with zero down time has a need to look beyond the Intel based servers and Windows/Linux platforms. Nevertheless, Magnaxia Information Technology LLC now has solutions based on the Intel architecture and running of the Windows / Linux/ VMWare platform, with the high availability and mission critical attributes of high-end computers. Get in touch with us at Magnaxia Information Technology LLC to know about the different server solution options that we provide.

Rack Servers

Deploy core business workloads in less time with scalable and versatile additions to your infrastructure with Rack Servers.

Tower Servers

Tower Servers lower costs, boost productivity and keep your small or midsize business running smoothly. These servers provide the options, tools and support your company needs.

Blade Servers

One infrastructure and one management platform to speed the delivery of services. Most Customers opt for Blade Servers because it's a single scalable platform.

Server Consolidation Solutions

Customers now face the challenge of huge increase in data processing requirements which has resulted in servers being added faster than the IT environment can manage them, and if the legacy servers are under performing and difficult to manage, then the IT management should consider employing server consolidation as an effective way to reduce costs, power and space requirements and the management complexities created by server disparity and sprawl. As resource requirements grow, server farms and their associated costs grow along with them, highlighting the necessity for server consolidation. Server consolidation is a strategy for reducing costs, increasing utilization and improving the control of IT infrastructure by standardizing system management procedures, reducing the number of data centers, or reducing the number of servers. Magnaxia Information Technology LLC being a partner of leading Server vendors offers cost-effective solutions for Server Consolidation and standardization. For customers challenged by heterogeneous server environment supported by different vendors and platforms, Magnaxia Information Technology LLC can provide efficient Server consolidation and standardization solutions.

Enterprise Storage Solution

The explosion of electronic information and the demands around data management and regulatory compliance put organizations under increasing pressure to optimize their storage. At Magnaxia Information Technology LLC, we can help you address these challenges in a number of ways. We have a Professional Services Team that includes a trained and certified set of individuals to help every business in suggesting the right Enterprise Storage Solution.

Magnaxia Information Technology LLC features solid expertise in providing data storage solutions for small, mid-size and large enterprises. We are ready to offer in-house, co-location, cloud or hybrid data centers depending on your specific requirements. We collaborate with the best providers of data storage solutions for business in UAE, feature hardware of the utmost quality and the most efficient technologies An Magnaxia Information Technology LLC Storage Solution Will:
    • Eliminate cycles of over-provisioning and under utilization
    • Improve visibility, security and business continuity
    • Centralize and simplify storage management
    • Deliver storage as an on-demand service to meet changing needs
    • Provision the right disk type and storage performance for each workload as appropriate

Strategic Alliances we work with for Servers and Storage Solutions: